Homer Hopper Part 4 – Mill Box

Homer Hopper Part 4 – Mill Box

Difficulty: level_1

Time Required:

One morning or afternoon (For the entire project)


This is part 4 in the series documenting how to create your own Homer Hopper.  If you haven’t seen the introduction yet, please check it out.  In this post, we’ll be making the mill box.

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Tools required:

Jig saw Drill (optional) Table saw or miter saw (to cut the angles) Wood clamps (optional) Sanding device (belt sander, handheld, sandpaper)

Material recommended:

I started with some 3/4″ x 4″ pine I had from another project.  You’ll need about 26-30″ worth.  You’ll also want some wood glue or wood screws if you are too impatient for the glue to dry or don’t want to mess with clamps.

Link to CAD files & Templates

What we’re building here:


Video of the process:


How to do it:

You can print out the drawings or just use them for reference and measure out the old fashioned way. mill_box_adjust_side mill_box_drive_side mill_box_front_back Cut the wood to size.  You’ll want to use a miter saw or table saw to cut the angles.  The windows are obviously clearance for the adjustment knobs and the drive shaft.

007d-Homer_Hopper_mill_box_sides_2  007d-Homer_Hopper_mill_box_sides_1

I pre-drilled holes so I could use some wood screws to hold it together while the glue dried.

007d-Homer_Hopper_mill_box_top_view  007d-Homer_Hopper_mill_box_right_view  007d-Homer_Hopper_mill_box_left_view 007d-Homer_Hopper_mill_box_front_view  007d-Homer_Hopper_mill_box_top_assembly

One thing you’ll notice is that with this mill box, it won’t fit over the thumb screws of the Monster Mill.  I actually replaced the thumb screws with some set screws in order to minimize the external features.  If you still like the thumb screws or you forgot or don’t have the set screws, you’ll need to cut clearance holes for them.

Up next…

Hopper Panels

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Thanks for your interest in this project!

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