Update on 3D Printed Tap Handles

First round of prototypes sold out!

Check the original 3D Printed Tap Handles thread for current info.  I will be offering more at the normal price at the same time that STL files are available for download.

This is a quick post for all of the followers of this site to let them know that I now have a link on the first post for the 3D Printed Tap Handles that allows the purchase of a printed tap handle.

Want to buy one?

I’m starting with a limited run of 10 prototype level tap handles for $35 (including priority USPS shipping) as pictured at the bottom of this post.  Everyone should understand what cosmetic quality one should expect from a 3D printed part and the pictures on this post I feel do a sufficient job of it.  I will also offer as an added benefit for these first prototype tap handles, customized text on the side, instead of the fermware.com logo.  It looks like approximately 18 characters would fit.  I would of course let you approve a rendering first.  If you want a real logo, I can’t guarantee it will come out ok, but I can try.  The text I’ve got on the tap handle now, is about the smallest I would want to go and have it look nice.

Lead time from the date of order could be up to two weeks.

If feedback is positive, I’ll offer more for sale at a higher price that better reflects the work put into these tap handles.  Further down the line, I will offer the STL files for free for those that have their own 3D printers.

Us the link below to purchase via PayPal.  Shipping to the US only at this price.  If you live outside the US, contact me through the contact link in the top menu bar of the site.

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