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NHC 2014 Other Highlights and Parting Thoughts

Besides all of the organized events, there are famous brewing people to meet and things to see.

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Other Highlights from the Conference:


  • I got to meet James Spencer (Basic Brewing Radio) and “Toxicologist Paul” whom I had communicated with via email about my technique of using Fermentation Bucket Liners for my fermenting. I saw their sidekick Steve, but he was being mobbed by beer groupies, so I didn’t get to talk to him.
  • I also ran into Denny Conn, who was very approachable and didn’t seem the least bothered that I wanted to talk to him.
  • I had kind of a Coming to America moment when I met Brad Smith (BeerSmith brewing software) in the men’s restroom.  Sorry, no YouTube clip available.
  • I was also pleasantly surprised to see Anita, Bill, Tom and Bryan from my LHBS Great Fermentations. You guys are awesome!
  • I met the water wiz Martin Brungard, creator of the very capable brewing water calculation spreadsheet Bru’n Water. Funny thing is, he lives in the next town over from me, but I had to travel to Grand Rapids to meet him.

010-New Holland Brewing Co

  • On the drive up, we stopped in Holland Michigan to have lunch and sample a few beers at New Holland Brewing.
  • Unfortunately, with so much going on and us not being able to go up any earlier, we did not get to visit Bell’s or Founders.  Fortunately, they crafted some special brews for us attendees.
  • And you also get to come away with all sorts of swag.



I’m not sure I will be able to make the trek out to San Deigo, but I’m hopeful that NHC will at some point make a stop in Indianapolis. While maybe not nationally known for beer, Indiana is home to about 100 breweries and counting by the day it seems. If you are not yet a member of the American Homebrewers Association, I highly suggest you become a member. You don’t have to attend rallies, enter every beer you think is great into competitions or have a dedicated brewing shed to take advantage of all of the perks of being a member.

010-Eat Here Get Gas

I’ll be breaking my thoughts into a few posts:

Part 1: Evening Events
Part 2: Seminars
Part 3: Homebrew Expo
Part 4: Other highlights and parting thoughts (This Post)