Homer Hopper Part 7 – CAD Drawing

This is part 7 in the series documenting how to create your own Homer Hopper.  If you haven't seen the introduction yet, please check it out.  In this post, I'll explain what to do with the CAD files.

Difficulty: level_1

Time Required:

One morning or afternoon (For the entire project)

CAD files & Templates:

Thanks for your interest in this project!

All files have a 2"x2" square on the print so that when you print out on paper, you can measure to make sure your printer was printing to scale and at the correct aspect ratio.

The intention in making these files downloadable and free is for people to make this themselves or modify/improve the design to suit them.

This download is available through the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial license.

If you are interested in this for commercial purposes (i.e. you want to make money on my effort), I'm flattered, but please contact me first.

Be excellent to everyone!

Click on the download icon to agree to these terms and enjoy!

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